Mushroom Landscaping

Mycological Landscaping Services

Forest Organics is proud to offer edible mushroom landscaping. Our services are different from any other. It is a collective and creative process that takes into account our clients desires and the landscapes potential to provide maximum mushroom production

Picture yourself living in an environment where there is a wide variety of edible, gourmet mushrooms growing around you. Now you can have the world's most delicious mushrooms in your own backyard or on your wooded lot.

Imagine you are walking through your garden or wooded backyard where there is a diverse variety of wild mushrooms growing. This can be done incorporating mushrooms into your landscape. As the seasons roll along, different gourmet mushrooms arise in concert. Forest Organics now offers these services to the homeowner and landscaper. We use several growing substrates including stumps, trees, and logs, just to name a few.

We start by visiting your preferred location or we might be able to make an assessment on your environment by using digital images you provide to us. By paying particular attention to site location, topography, sun exposure and the use of native woods and/or garden. Following our assessment, we can advise you of what mushrooms your environment will support, if any.

After helping you make your mushroom choices, we will help you design your mushroom environment. We construct environmentally friendly walking trails through your woods and inoculate the appropriate substrates with your mushroom choices. We are basically creating a mycological forest where you can just walk out to your woods or garden and have convenient access to the worlds most delicious and medicinal gourmet mushrooms that will last for generations.

Forest Organics also offer these services to public nature centers and botanical gardens. This makes a great addition to any nature preserves.