Mushroom Workshops

Don’t buy genetically modified mushrooms from the store.

Instead, learn to grow your own organic mushrooms in one of our exciting Mushroom Growing Workshops.

Believe me; I know how frustrating it can be to try to figure this out by yourself. When I first became interested in growing mushrooms, I thought it was just like any other plant – stick it in the dirt - up pops a mushroom. Of course, I found out later that it was not that simple at all...!
Nearly a decade later, I can look back on my naiveté and laugh, but my passion for mushrooms and my initial disappointments are what drove me to create this series of Mushroom Growing Workshops. 
Growing mushrooms is not especially difficult, but it IS completely different from what most of us know about growing any other kind of plant. To start with, mushrooms do not derive their nutrition from the sun (photosynthesis), so you need to provide their food with organic materials. Dirt alone does not provide this.
In our workshops, you will learn basic mushroom growing techniques and peculiarities. You will understand what we mean by spore, spawn, mycelium, inoculation and substrate. Finally, you will enjoy hours of fun, interactive learning that will culminate in multiple crops of gourmet eating in the months to come. The workshop that keeps on giving!

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