Myco-Remediation Services

Myco-Remediation Services
There are numerous advantages of using myco-remediation over
commercialized technologies, including the following

    Public acceptance:  It is a natural system, and does not introduce any corrosives or other chemicals for cleanup. In most cases, we use only native species on every site.
    Natural:  The fungal systems approach corrects an imbalance of the system, bringing the contaminants within levels within the ecosystem that are no longer harmful.
    Safety:  Mycoremediation is safer than most other alternatives and it does not require digging up contaminated substrate, and disposing of it at waste sites. Additionally, the process does not produce secondary waste that require additional cleanup after the initial remediation.
    Quiet:  The process is quieter than many alternatives; there are no structures, no machinery, and no noise. It is much like a landscaping project, and then left to do its work.
    Low maintenance:  There is minimal handling and low maintenance of sites treated with fungi. On the other hand, bioremediation using bacteria or fertilizers requires repeated application, weekly or biweekly tilling and turning, a lot of labor and maintenance.
    Reusable end product:  The end product of mycoremediation is nontoxic. The enriched and cleaned soil can be used for landscaping, road underlayment, or other purposes.
    Flexible:  The size of the application can vary without any problem, and can be the size of a bucket, to acres across. Additionally, fungal treatments can work in almost any habitat and season.
    Fast:  The technology shows immediate results. There is immediate mitigation of odor and visible improvement to a site